Bang, 12x22

Reparations, 12x21

"This is my wife, Olivia"Bombshell, 12x19 
Pursuit, 12x17
Pursuit, 12x17

Flight, 12x15
Flight, 12x15

jessiespano-deactivated20130318 said: love this tumblr. I've taken to thinking of it while watching the show, all, "omg this is a good scene I hope they do it." just, good job!

Thank you! We really appreciate you loving SVU as much as we do, and of course we’ll do those scenes! Great minds think alike  :)

hiitstuesday said: omg you fell from heaven!

Rescue, 12x10

moth·ersomething or someone that gives rise to or exercises protecting care over something else
That is not what you are. 
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